I have worked in the search engine optimization industry for 13 years.  My experience includes…

  • Creating several online retail stores ranging across a spectrum of product niches, including safety equipment, casual clothing, healthcare products, hiking and camping gear, children’s formal clothing, team sports equipment, and several others.
  • Local Search Optimization for such businesses as Roxberry Juice smoothies, oilfield housing, carpet cleaning, commercial contstruction, private schools, and several others.
  • Enterprise SEO for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Volunteer SEO work for non-profit causes, inc

I have many different interests, including sports, music, education and learning, politics, and especially family: the most important organization in any society.

Why “Knucklehead”

I try not to take myself too seriously.  My nickname among my high school football buddies was “knucklehead”.  I got that nickname because I used the term to refer to most everyone else on the team at one point or another.  I see many SEOs who are so focused on their “brand” and the perception others have of them that they miss out on opportunities to understand the technical and social elements of how search engines and social media work.  I aspire to not be that way.  With my customers and others I consult, I aspire to be more transparent and authentic.  Using the term “knucklehead” serves to break down the communication barrier that is created when a professional thinks of himself as being perfect.  I’m not perfect at SEO, but I’m pretty dang good at it, and I can help you become good at it too.

Contact the SEO Knucklehead

If you’d like to chat with me, you can tweet to me using my twitter handle @SEOknucklehead or use the contact form (I’d give out my email address if it weren’t for the spammers) on this site.

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