My Story

My name is Richard Robbins.  Back in 2000, I was looking for an opportunity to own a business without paying the big bucks that are normally required for startup companies.  I wanted to have the potential to make a lot of money while circumventing so many of the risks people incur when they start businesses that don’t go anywhere.  In so many of those cases, the end result is the depletion of life savings and a cure for ever wanting to try business ownership ever again.

Building an online business became a great way to accomplish what I wanted.  I could advertise and sell products that were warehoused by suppliers.  That transferred the risk involving in buying a ton of inventory and hoping I could sell it.  I started by building a web site that sold products for camping and other outdoor activities and built that up over the course of two years to the point that it was making $3,000-$4,000 per month in profit.  After that, I started a business selling team sports equipment.  My wife and I successfully managed that business for five years, bringing in revenues in excess of $1 Million in our last year prior to selling it.

After selling my sporting goods business in 2009, I’ve filled various consulting and other roles, including helping my wife sell baby bedding and other cutsie products on her boutique store, coaching people who are just getting started, working full-time for my church’s IT department, and diving deeper and deeper into the world of SEO and general online marketing.

A quick word about the title of this blog.  While I was playing sports in high school, I greatly overused the term “knucklehead” when referring to teammates, coaches, and others.  The end result was that I got stuck with that term as my nickname:  “Knucklehead”.  If my high school peers were to catch up with me now, they’d understand that I’m not just any old knucklehead anymore.  I’m the SEO Knucklehead.  What that means is that I’ve figured out a bunch of stuff while dinking around on the computer for hours at a time.

Over the course of these last ten plus years, I’ve seen a lot of water pass under the bridge when it comes to using that wonderful medium we call the Internet to make money, to influence other people, and to gain exposure.  I hope you find my insights here useful.

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